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The Real Cost of Hapiness

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To all Bros. in viewfinder, (originally, in cranks - bike)

Just want to share with you guys this write-up on real cost/price of our Families' Happiness? Mahal ba or Mura lang? What do you think?

Simplicity is living from the very core of our being

Have the time and space to embrace what is most important to you.

What is your core?

Live on less, and delight in it more.

Know that hapiness isn't only for millionaires.

People think that hapiness is expensive. If you look at the list below, they seem to be right.

Buffet lunch at Shanri-La hotel Php 800.00

Buying a new Bike Php 85,000.00

Wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes 16,000.00

Driving or being driven in a jaguar 22million

Lying beside a pool in cool Polo shorts 4, 000.00

Checking time on a rolex 300,000.00

Malling in a Lacoste shirt 3,500.00

Seeing the glint of a one karat diamond ring average 100,000.00

Walking into a party in an elegant Armani suit 150,000.00

Watching a movie from a personal home theather 250,000.00

Cuddling up in Marks and Spencer pajamas 2,400.00

Daubing the scent of Estee Lauder perfume,small bot. 2,000.00

travelling business class instead of economy (US trip) $2,000.00

There are people who don't think that hapiness is expensive. But what they

do is awesomely enriching. For them hapiness means :

Being quiet in prayer for 10 mins. each morning Php 0.0

Giving a glass of water to the garbage collector 0.0

Laughing with friends 0.0

Calling up your mother and telling her you miss her 5.00 /3 min.

Reading a good book or borrow one 0.0

Visiting a home for the elderly / listen to lola's story 0.0

Taking a walk with a loved one while holding hands 0.0

Choosing to sleep in till 10:am one saturday a.m. 0.0

Making popcorn and holding a songfest w/ kids 50.00

Wrestling with an 8yr. old son and letting him win 0.0

Know that hapiness isn't only for millionaires

Whoever does not regard what he has as ample wealth is unhappy,

though he be the master of the world.

Want to take some action plan ?

What simple joys do you regularly have in your life similar to those mentioned above?

Who is waiting to enjoy these simple joys with you ?

So mga bros. make a list of other inexpensive pleasures you want to try. Take your calendar and schedule some of these in the coming week. If you don't do this there's a big chance you will forget about these not-so-urgent but very important " celebrations of life ". If you are fighting for your family try doing this

Original post by : antoni04 of PMTB